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Let's Talk: "Dream Clients"

In our industry, the phrase ‘how to attract your dream client’ is used widely. The phrase may seem innocent on the surface, however there is so much about this phrase as a business owner in a people-loving business that doesn’t sit comfortably with me.

I wanted to offer all my potential clients who are looking for their ‘dream celebrant’ the opportunity to delve a little deeper into this phrase with me.

Firstly, to me you are all potentially my ‘dream clients’ – I really mean that. I respect each and every one of your ideas, stories, needs, hopes & dreams for your special day. I understand that every one of you will bring something very different, incredible & unique to the conversation which is personal to you and your story, and I love this!!!

I recently came across something on social media which was the reason I had to talk about this. A vendor was talking about this very statement of ‘how to attract their dream client’ and I was blown away by the list of "must have's" they required before they would consider working with a client, which included, must be tertiary educated, a certain age and have a professional status etc and although they are absolutely entitled to run their business in whatever way they see fit, I was so so sad to read this. I know for sure that if they follow this model there is no doubt in my mind they will be missing out on some incredible couples and experiences, in my opinion we should embrace & celebrate each other and all our differences, I love that about being human! I have participated in weddings with people from ALL walks of life and I have loved being on their journey with them and my life is enriched for knowing them.

It is a privilege for me to be chosen to be part of your day

To put it simply, I don’t mind at all what background you have come from, your level of education, how you look or how much money you have. I will accept you and care for you all in exactly the same way and I promise to make sure your ceremony is just how you dreamed it would be!

I appreciate, every day, my own background which has shaped me into this person I am today, my simple upbringing where I didn’t grow up with excess and also my career as a nurse and a midwife where I have met & cared for people from all walks of life and have valued them all equally.

If you were to put my arm behind my back and forced me to define ‘my’ dream client, it would be this

- You as you are, in all your awesomeness

- A couple who respects the important role of a celebrant in their big day

- A couple who are true to their dream ceremony

For me this is as complicated as it gets.

If you would like to chat to me about your day, I’m all ears and I’m here to make your day special, however that looks for you.

Clare xx


Clare xx

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