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I am where you are

“To Elope…Run-away secretly to get married.
To slip away, sneak off, steal away, run away with a lover”

If a big wedding just isn’t your jam and fills you with complete dread just thinking about it
then, you may prefer to sneak away for a more intimate and personal ceremony, where you
can be your truly authentic, goofy, crazy, sexy, romantic selves.

No need to worry about speaking in front of a crowd, being centre of attention,
embarrassing yourself, showing your feelings in front of people, an elopement may be just
the package for you!

Shall we head off on an adventure together?

The Elopement package includes ALL of the following…

Initial ‘obligation free’ meeting either online or in person.

Once booked in - you get to have unlimited communication with me including in person,
Zoom, FaceTime, email, text, or phone calls – I am here for you every step of the way.

Preparation and lodgement of all legal documentation including your

Notice of Intended Marriage, Final Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage, & the Marriage Certificates.

Access to all my awesome resources to help us build the perfect ceremony together.

Ceremony rehearsal – if required – these are not always necessary with smaller weddings

Use of my amazing Bose SI Pro Multi Position PA system & microphones – if required

Pro delivery of your beautiful and intimate ceremony which you will both remember forever.

Your vows printed on beautiful cards which you get to keep.

A copy of your full ceremony as a memento of your day.

All travel costs to meetings, rehearsals, and the wedding within 80kms – depending where
we head off additional costs will be agreed on booking

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